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Christopher Street by Velvet Arrows

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New Book Out Now


Published December 2021

When a rescue dog joins your family you embark on a wonderful journey of discovery together as you grow to love each other. This collection of stories reflects that journey and is a tribute to the wonderful dogs who wait patiently for their forever families and to the animal rescue workers who dedicate their lives to saving each precious soul.

Six beautiful stories that will enchant you.

Available in Paperback and Kindle from Amazon worldwide.

Dove is the story of Hillary, a lonely woman stuck in a very bad marriage. The closest living soul to her is her dog. Timber. The story starts just after Hillary visits the cinema and has a life changing experience. Realising she is a lesbian, she glimpses a future in which love and happiness could now be possible. But this turns out to be just the start of a very intense journey.

Bridge tells the tale of Natasha who is in a committed relationship with Helen. Natasha decides to turn her life around and end the party roller coaster she has been on. But Helen is reluctant to let go of their former lifestyle, causing upset and chaos. In the midst of everything, Natasha meets Caroline, who has the serene way of life that Natasha so desires. Natasha is pulled in different directions, but only she can decide how her life is going to pan out.

Moonchaser is the story of Indigo, a young woman who has never been in love. When the story begins, Indigo is casually dating Clodagh, a woman who lives nearby. But Indigo’s life falls into turmoil when her estranged father dies in London. He has only left her one thing; his precious guitar. The guitar holds many special memories for Indigo but when she tries to collect it, it has gone missing. The search for it becomes a search for something else. Even Indigo isn’t sure just what she is looking for.

Leaving tells Louise O'Rourke's story. When she heads west to a new life, she leaves behind the memory of the lover who broke her heart and shattered her trust. While walking her dog, Lance one day she sees a beautiful woman working in her garden. Louise is quick to try to make friends but the woman's behaviour is strange to say the least. Determined to find out the truth Louise persistsin trying to make a connection. However, after a while she is left wondering if she has taken on more than she can handle.

I am delighted to be included in the fantastic new anthology ‘L is For.’ Here you will find 19 short stories by some of the UK’s best selling lesbian fiction authors. Proceeds of all sales go to the charity R U Coming out.
Stories by:- VG Lee, Suzanne Egerton, Kiki Archer, Deborah Underwood, Angela Peach, Sarah Bolger, Clare Lydon, Crin Claxton, Angela Clerkin, HP Munro, Nic Herriot, SJ Campbell, Frances Gapper, Jade Winters, J Nyx, Andrea Bramhall, Rain McAlistair, Katie Bennett-Hall, Chloe A Marshall.

How can I possibly be 53 years old when I still feel like that wisp of a 7 year old, bursting with energy, racing from the 60s to the 70s?

How can it be the 21st  century when images of school milk, beetle drives, Chopper bikes and flared trousers are still so vivid in my head?

A gentler age has been and gone but as long as we groovy glamsters are still around, it lives on.

At least in our hearts...


42 Delightful Tales of Days Gone By.

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